Top 10 Solar Energy Uses

Solar lights, Solar heating, solar charging…it has now become quite common for us to hear such terms on regular basis but not many people are aware of this incredible natural gift we can use to make our lives better and easier.

Solar energy is that bright and radiant energy emitted by the sun. This energy is converted into electricity and heat energy in order to supply power to homes, industries, offices, and hospitals. Since the Sun is capable of providing us light and heat, solar power is a technology that can serve the Earth well. We no longer have to be completely dependent on other resources and fossil fuels. From solar transport to chargeable technological devices, there are countless possibilities of how far can we go with the use of Solar energy.

Top 10 Uses Of Solar Energy:

There are many things that solar energy helps us with. Here are the top ten uses of solar energy:

1. Solar Lights

Ever since solar panels were designed, it became very easy to install these panels into almost everything we desire. From lights, transportation and machines to swimming pools, heaters and wearable accessories such as watches, as well as tech items like calculators, laptops, cell-phones, solar power have it all covered. Solar lights are a great deal nowadays as people are swiftly shifting their energy source to solar power. From street lights to indoor lights, solar power is capable of lighting up your house with no costly bills waiting to be paid. All it takes is the installation of solar panels on the roof of your house.

2. Solar Heating Systems

In the coming decades, it would not be a surprise to see how solar energy is practically used everywhere to heat up homes, water, pools, and whatnot. Need some warmth? Solar energy panels have got your back.

3. Solar Electronics

Not only solar energy is used in heating or powering homes and pools, but now it is immensely used in all sorts of electronic devices. Such as home appliances like dryers, thermostats as well as music speakers, watches, trackers, tablets, solar visor radios, freezers, and flashlights.

4. Solar Transport

Trains and planes that require fuel and electricity are no longer relying on other resources. Solar panels are used in trains and as well as planes for people to travel more efficiently. It is also getting used in cars instead of gas or fuel.

5. Solar Fabric

Is it believable that solar panels are made flexible enough to now get attached to clothes? Yes, it is. The solar fabric would soon replace the heavy clothing people use to stay warm up in the Northern parts of the world. Soon enough, the solar fabric would be common and affordable for everyone to buy and where to stay warm without the need for excessive and large clothing.

6. Solar Paints

Solar paints are not officially marketed yet but they are in existence. Solar cells are used in a nano-scale photovoltaic mixture exposed to sunlight on a conducting material that can be sprayed and painted on almost every surface. If solar paints are used on buildings, it will be magical to watch them dry within seconds as soon as the sun hits the sky.

7. Solar Ventilation Systems 

Air-conditioning has been a luxury in the hot parts of the world. The need to keep homes ventilated and the air conditioners running is the ultimate need. So it is now a blessing to see the solar air-conditioners hitting the markets. Not only can solar energy be used to keep buildings ventilated but it can also be used in heaters and air-conditioners.

8. Solar Chargers

Solar chargers made a massive change in the industry of tech items and tech appliances. From rechargeable flashlights, watches and cell-phones to other rechargeable batteries, solar charges are now the new high in the solar world.

9. Solar Environment

If fossil fuels and other resources are entirely replaced by solar energy, the environment would get better and global warming might reduce as the amount of CO2 present in the air would be altered to a great deal. Greenhouses that use solar energy do not produce as many gases as compared to other resources. Water pollution stays under control as well as noise pollution since the solar panels do not create any noise either.

10. Solar Economy

Not only human effort is required in creating solar panels but it is also required in installing those panels across the globe in houses and buildings. This creates room for jobs and employment in the economy. Thus, solar power helps people with their employment, comfort and efficient living.

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