Victorian residents will be able to get solar panels for 50% less following a new Local Government program

Victorian residents will be in a position to set-up solar panels in their home properties for 50% less under a new state government program ($1.24 billion) as administered by the Andrews government.

The Victorian government announced last Sunday that it will spare  $4,550 in advance to set up the rooftop solar panels and homeowners would be ordered to contribute 50% of the value within 4 years from the moment of installation.

The respective solar panels program is open to owner-residing homes and properties whose value doesn’t surpass $3 million and the total household income amounts up to $180K.

Within this program, solar panels will be placed on approx. $650K over the next decade.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has stated that the plan aims to assists thousands of homes trim down their energy expenses by $890/year. He further added that with privatization regimes, the costs should be significantly reduced but this was an empty promise that is yet to take place. He emphasized that at this point, there is a new state plan on the rocks that is more practical based on some concrete evidence of what will come out of it.

The program aims to save $2,225  on average for setting up a typical 4kW solar panel.

The state administration has made a promise that in the event of its re-election, the program would be extended from July 2019 to enable homeowners to pay back the loan taxes free.

“Solar Victoria”, an autonomous agency will also be employed to supervise the program and ensure that proper standards and safety measures are followed. 

The state government has also stated its plans to dish out $9 million for the employment of 4.5K electricians to set up the solar sets.

Mark Wakeham, Environment Victoria CEO, has expressed his satisfaction with this initiative as it occurs after times of troublesome conflict regarding energy expenditures in Australia. He added that with this plan, Victorian homeowners will be able to regain control of their energy expenses and that every homeowner who wishes to use solar energy will be in a position to afford it under this regime. He elaborated that introducing 2K megawatts of solar energy that exceeds previous expectations, will trim down energy bills for Victorian households and properties by allowing new power to flow into the power grid.

However, voices of opposition like David Southwick have stated that the regime was just an idea bubble and nothing else. Supporting his views further, he said that the plan announced to us is just going to dish out money without any extensive reasoning to back such an investment up and no consumer security being present.

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